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If you need to contact me in anyway, quickest way is through Discord @ Gaelle#9201!

If you happen to check out any of the TCGs I'm currently a part of, let them know Gaelle sent you!


date: 01/27/24 Joined Sidequest date: 00/00/00 ♥ update. ♥ update. date: 00/00/00 ♥ update. ♥ update.


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New Layout!!

Update 1/27: I'm finally coming back! Things are looking good. Please excuse any dust! Let me know if something is wrong

Update 3/24: It's been a while but I'm the process of slowly changing things again ^^; I'm so sorry for the weird look of everything. But once I figure things out, I'll be back to playing TCGS Goodness! It's certainly interesting messing with html and coding! I should have everything up in working order now with this new look. If something looks weird or doesn't work please let me know so I can try and fix it!

This is only a test!

Notes for myself